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Backup policies of the shared areas of DreamsLab cluster[edit]

The backup system of the shared areas is based on a joint mechanism of snapshots and copy. The directory that will be saved are the following:

/home and its sub-directories

/data and its sub-directories

/cm/shared and its sub-directories


This procedure provides one snapshot of these areas for each day of the last 2 weeks. The snapshot will be done at 00:00 of each day. At 00:00 the oldest snapshot is replaced with the newer one.


Every Saturday, the last snapshot is fully copied to another disk to prevent disasters resulting from simultaneous breaking of several disks and to ensure a file history with weekly granularity of at last 2 months.


The recovery of accidentally deleted files can be done on request by the HPC staff. Of course the recovered files will be the one saved at 00:00 during the snapshot.